Us pups are always waiting on you humans!

You humans are so SLOW!  Mom let me carry the cell phone in my backpack and turned on the GPS.  You won’t see much of a difference in the map when you compare it to my human Mom’s GPS track because it’s a 4 mile track and I am good about staying on the trail, but check out the amount of time I have to spend stopped waiting for my Mom!  Come on now humans, you really need to learn to use those front lets you call “arms” maybe it will help you move faster!

Take in mind these are 2 different days but same route, also on Mom’s track we had to stop for horses and other dogs but on my track we only had to stop for water.

Clear Creek Horsetown trails hiking Penny doberman

Mom’s GPS Track

Penny's GPS Map

My Map

Clear Creek Horsetown trails hiking Penny doberman

Mom’s Stats

Penny's GPS Stats

My GPS Stats

Clear Creek Horsetown trails hiking Penny doberman

Mom’s Speed/Elevation Stats

Chart of Penny holding GPS

My Stats, look at the time I spend waiting

Nylabones or Prison Shanks?

I wanted to show you a collection of what mom calls the best chew toy for me, my Nylabones or as I call them, my prison shanks.

Me and My Prison Shanks


I am very hard on my toys unlike my brother Trey, so mom likes to make sure I always have these around.  Mom and Dad said, before me they never knew Nylabones actually wore down like these.  Prior to my arrival in the family anytime Mom or Dad saw a used Nylabone there was nothing more than a few teeth marks, but I showed them.  I have to say I really recommend these for hard chewers like me, they work great for those times when you are really bored, want to play tug-o-war or need to get a human’s attention.  I find if you drop that giant Galileo on their feet it wakes them up and if you spend the time to sharpen them to a point, they make a great poking stick as dad calls them prison shanks.

They have different types of Nylabones, for me I get the “Chew” or “Dura Chew”, which are like hard plastic however they are actually made of Nylon (hence the name).  They also have edibles and other types rubber ones but Mom doesn’t get those for me.  Since they do wear down be sure to toss them when they get small enough to become a choking hazard, I have a feeling at least one of mine will be disappearing soon for that reason.

Perfect for hard chewers
Available in different sizes
Available in different flavors (once again BACON!!)
Typically Lasts a Long time

Not for everyone, Trey didn’t like these until I came along and he still only chews on them when he knows I want to.
Can become choking hazard once worn down or if you get one that is too small.  I personally like the Giant and Souper sizes for my doberman mouth.  Although that “Galileo” one is a bit to big.

YES!  Well yes for us powerful chewers.   My personal recommendation, BACON flavor, although the beef and liver are good too.  Now if only Nylabone would come out with a horse hoof flavored ones, that is my 2nd favorite treat made by horses, my 1st favorite I always get yelled at for eating.;)

Where to find:
Nearly any pet store but Amazon has really good prices and mom always puts in an order for me if she is ordering something else.  If you are not sure what size is best for you I recommend going to the pet store first to get a real idea of how big they are.  To big and they wont get chewed on, too small they might be a choking hazard or chewed up too fast.



My Nylabone Collection


I can’t resist!

After Christmas Sales!

Don’t you love after holiday sales?  Mom ran by Petco yesterday, I couldn’t go because she said she also had to go get human food while she was out, but check out the spoils I got.  Petco had all their Christmas items marked down 75% so mom picked grabbed a whole bunch.  She even grabbed toys she would never buy knowing how fast I play operation on them.  After holiday sales are the best options for us toy killers!

Penny, petco, sales, dog, toys

I love after Christmas Sales

Hiking Shasta County’s Clear Creek Trails

Let’s start off with showing my favorite trails here in Shasta County (California). I LOVE the Clear Creek trails, these trails are on BLM land and since they aren’t in the city limits they allow off-leash. Here is a link to the BLM page if you scroll down to “Clear Creek Greenway” you can get information including maps. If you have ever been these trails, share your barks with me!

If dirt trails are not your thing or these are too far, Shasta County has a bark-load of trails.  You can find most of these trails listed here on Healthy Shasta’s Website. I will try to review more of these trails in the future.

Here are some screen shots of one of our recent hike.  This particular hike was on the Piety Hill Loop, but we started at the Horsetown trailhead and did a modified loop.  Doing the trail this particular way has so many hills it turns into a bum-barker, you will be feeling this hike if you are not used to hills.

Clear Creek Horsetown trails hiking Penny doberman

Elevation and speed chart of our hike, it shows a couple times we had to stop for fellow hikers and riders.

Clear Creek Horsetown trails hiking Penny doberman

Map of our hike

Clear Creek Horsetown trails hiking Penny doberman

Stats on our hike


Penny Hiking the Piety Hill Loop

Hiking the Piety Hill Loop

Excuse the poor photo quality, the camera on the phone is having issues.