Wet-Noses Peanut Butter & Banana Treat (Review)

If organic and/or peanut butter treats are your thing and you have a Costco membership then these treats might be up your alley. A few months back at Costco, Mom saw a new selection of treats show up on the shelves along with key phrases we love, Peanut Butter, No Corn, No Wheat, and No Soy all words that say BUY ME and so she did (3 boxes that are 3.5lb each). Lately it seems peanut butter is the magic glue of the dog treat world that makes biscuits nom nom nummy and allows them to be made without the ingredients that, in large amounts make my coat dull and itchy. Now for the actual taste, they’re peanut butter biscuits, of course they are good, I haven’t met a PB biscuit I haven’t loved. Now you might think that it’s a biscuit so I would eat it no matter the flavor but that is not true. There have been many times that I have been offered biscuits at the various pet stores and I just drop them on the floor for Big Brother Trey to eat, I am actually fairly picky. These treats are also organic, which doesn’t mean much to me but Mom says it is supposed to be better for the environment so I guess that is good for everyone. Their size is also on the smaller size for us Dobies, however it makes them the right size for practicing trick catching, like balancing them on my nose until mom says I can eat it. Since they are smaller I can have multiple treats in each training session so I can get a few practice shots in.

No Corn/Wheat/Soy

Harder to find

Sorry we don’t remember, but Mom is wouldn’t have bought them if they were overpriced.

Of course I would! I guess if you are a large dog looking for a large biscuit for a 1 time a day treat then they would be to small, but I always work for my treats.

Side Note:
Over the years we found that Costco’s pet toys/treats are on a rotational basis, meaning they will stock something for a month then skip a few months before bringing it back. Mom has learned if she finds something we like, then go right back and buy several months supply otherwise you will miss out. Last time these were on the shelf here in Redding, CA Mom bought 3 of the 3.5lb boxes and she hasn’t seen them since, so I am glad she stocked up! As of March 2014 they are not currently on the shelves but that doesn’t mean they wont be next week!

Wet Nose Dog Treats
Wet Noses Dog Treats
Wet Noses Dog Treats
Wet Noses Dog Treats

Wet Noses Dog Treats

Wet Noses Dog Treats

How many can Mom stack on me?

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