Kong Series – 7 KONG Squeezz Ball Dog Toy Review

Kong Squeezz Ball

Here is another Kong ball I have, the KONG Squeezz Ball Dog Toy.  This is another fun ball I keep around the house.  I normally play with this one when I am looking for a squeaking ball.  I’ve had this thing for a couple years now and it is still in good condition and the squeaker still works.   I can’t rave but definitely can not complain about the toy, after all it is still in good condition.   I wouldn’t rave about it only because I have a large selection of balls and this one tends to get left in the toy box most days since I like the slightly bigger, heavier Kong ball I talked about earlier in this series.

Overall Durable
Durable Squeaker
Fun colors

Bigger than a tennis ball so it doesn’t fit in the thrower, although that is okay because I use this as an indoor toy.


Approx $4 from Amazon

Kong Squeezz Ball

Kong Squeezz Ball

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