Kong Series – 8 Kong Traxx

Mom got me a Kong Traxx (tire) since I have an obsession with another tire toy I had but to be honest this one does nothing for me. I have two other non-Kong tires, one is smaller and the other is a much larger tire and they both get much more play time. I like to hold the smaller tire in my mouth and squeeze it (collapse it) while the bigger is used for general chewing, tug-of-war and just play carry around and give to Mom toy (I am on my 2nd of those).

Overall I would have to say this toy is just too small for chewing because if it did interest me, just feeling it, I would have killed it. However if you are just the type that likes to mouth toys they you would probably like it.

Flexible rubber for pups that like the mouth toys

To small for the 30-65lb chewer it is recommended for

Not for the chewer, I think this would be great for a large puppy for the dogs that like to carry and/or mouth toys.

Approx $16 from Petsmart.com

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