Superior Farms Dog Treat Waffles – Review

I have to review these treats I got in my BarkBox just because they are so odd, but odd in a good way I guess. First I want you to take a look at the pictures below and based on your experience with dog treats try to picture what these 100% venison treats will feel like.

Superior Farms Venison Waffles
Superior Farms Venison Waffles

Now that you got that image, let me guess you thought these treats would be like jerky, slightly moist thick slices of meat, right? Well, that is completely opposite of what these are. The best way I can describe these is like a meat version of puffed rice, very light weight hollow feeling dry block of meat. Just look at the picture blow, 3 dimes weigh .2 ounces, where 5 of these blocks (check out size comparison) weight .2 ounces. Deceptive right?

Superior Farms Venison Waffles
Superior Farms Venison Waffles
Superior Farms Venison Waffles

Even though these are not what you expected that is not a bad thing, they are pretty nummy. I admit at first I was hesitant but once I finished my first block I really wanted more and Big Brother Tray has been staring at the bag for the last several minutes wanting more.

No Corn/Wheat/Soy just all meat
Although they come in sealed bag since they are not moist they would be fine to carry around without being in a sealed bag.
Light weight

Deceptive, you would expect a moist treat

$9.99 for 3oz bag from Superior Farms

Not that they are bad, I did enjoy them but for $10 + shipping I think these treats are a little pricey for what you get, I would rather spend that money on bully sticks. Maybe if you can’t have any grains at all then these might be a good option.

Superior Farms Venison Waffles