Bil-Jac Liver Treats for Dogs (Review)

I have to tell you about my favorite training treat, Bil-Jac. You can already see how this review is going to go, LOVE EM! When I was a wee little pup going through all the basic training Mom always used these. They are small really tasty treats that smelled like heaven. These little things could get my attention in a hurricane. Mom did complain they had a really strong smell and was glad the came in a sealed pouch but no complaints from me!

Small size, perfect for training
Strong smell to get the pups attention
Nom Nom Nummy!
No Corn or Soy!

Strong smell (only a human complaint)
A moist treat, so if not left it in the sealed pouch it will drys out (but I would still eat it).

$3 and up at

Yes for training or quick rewards, however because of my size for a normal treat I would rather have a cookie since they last a couple bites were these I just suck down.

Side Note:
As I said above they are a moist treat that will dry out so don’t dump the whole package into your treat pouch, just enough for that day. Also they aren’t moist, like touching raw meat, more like Playdough.

Saw a new pack in the store, it looks like they slightly changed the packaging, but I still have a couple bags at home. Hopefully they haven’t changed anything else.

Bil-Jac Treats

Bil-Jac Treats

Bil-Jac Treats (back side)

Bil-Jac Treats (back side)

Bil-Jac Size

Bil-Jac Size, The treat is on a dime, there is also a quarter there for reference.