I hope one day I can talk Mom or Dad into getting me a few of these, I want one so bad!!   Trey says I should get the shark one, I think he needs to request a custom batman one so he can know what its like to have cropped doberman ears (would be much easier to match his color) or the skunk one, it would match his smells some nights!

Here is the site, which do you think would look best on me?


Dogbon Dog Bone Review

I thought I would share with you one of my older toys, my Dogbon Rubber Chew Bone.   Most of my older toys only lasted because they were at the bottom of the toy box or they are truely durable.  This toy falls under super durable and super fun!  It is a semi-clear rubber bone, looking at it I would normally say it is nothing special but to me it is.  It’s special to me because it makes fun sounds, well it doesn’t, I do!  Normally when I chew on my Nylabone there is just a standard grinding sound, but when I chew on this I manage to make a squishy squeaky sound sound that sounds like two pieces of wet rubber rubbing together.  If I am not in the mood for Nylabone but want to chew this is my first choice, I will dig to the bottom of my chew toy box just to find it.  What is nice is after all this time I only have teeth marks on it, no chunks missing yet.

Fun Colors
More give than a Nylabone, but has taken more bites
If you drop it on the floor, being rubber it does less damage
Much like a Kong but a little more slippery texture (probably why I can make my funny sounds)

Harder to find, as of now I only see a small one listed on Petsmart’s website and none on Petco. I think I got mine at Petsmart 2 years ago.
A REALLY HARD chewer might kill

Yep, although I haven’t killed mine I could see a bigger mouth that wants to kill it would take off chunk unlike a Nylabone, but if toys like the Kong toys work for you then this should.

Approx $12 from petprojekt.com

DogBon Dog Bone

DogBon Dog Bone

Kong Series- 1 My First Kong

These next couple weeks I am planning on doing reviews on just Kong products. As a chewer, Kong products are usually on the go-to list when looking for new toys.

How best to start off this series of Kong, but with my first Kong. That’s right, mom kept it! What better for a puppy than a pacifier aka Kong Binkie. Now this Kong is designed for puppies because it is a soft rubber that normal chewers would decimate in short time. Since this is a softer rubber and puppies are chewers make sure you do supervise the little tikes, afterall we grow so fast and it’s only a matter of time until this soft rubber is too soft. Not long ago Anderson Vet Clinic posted to their Facebook page about a chunk of Kong they had to remove from a dog that tore one apart and swallowed.

So here is a picture of mine, you can’t really see it but there are a bunch of teeth marks down at the bottom which was mom’s cue that it was time to get an adult Kong toy. The real shocker is how I didn’t chew off the handle, what was I thinking. But that does bring up a bad side of this toy, I can see that handle coming off with baby chewers and being eaten, so once again SUPERVISE US!

Great for puppies
Gives pups something positive to chew on

The handle could be a weak point to chew off and swallow.

Yes! But only while supervised. Actually I would recommend the classic shaped Kong Puppy over the Binkie for safety reasons. If you go with the Binkie make sure you watch the wear on this toy, once you start seeing good teeth marks, its time to take it away because it wont be long until that handle is gone.

Approx $9 from Petsmart.com

My First Kong

My First Kong

Night Time Fun

With these short winter days there is not always enough daylight for a good game of fetch after Mom and Dad get home from work. If you love to play ball this is your winter time answer, the MeteorLight K-9 LED Dog Ball. This thing is so much fun!!!!!!! Have your Mom or Dad turn it on and throw it, it stays lit up with its color changing LED lights making it easy to find at night. Mom and Dad say it is funny playing when it’s pitch black because all they see the ball go out, then they see it floating back to them. The amount of oohs and ahhs you get when camping is enough to keep me playing ball all night.

Allows nighttime play
Durable (no sign of wear or tear with two dobies fighting over it)
Size of a tennis ball, so it works with tennis ball throwers
Battery lasts a long time
Bounces (not as good as a tennis ball)

One time Dad went for a hard bounce on cement and battery popped out
Can be hard to turn on/off (Mom just steps on it with her heel)

YES YES YES, if you love playing ball this is a source of evening/night entertainment.

Suggestions to Manufacturer:
Make more LED toys! Maybe a Frisbee or other fetching toys? I WANT MORE!!

After Christmas Sales!

Don’t you love after holiday sales?  Mom ran by Petco yesterday, I couldn’t go because she said she also had to go get human food while she was out, but check out the spoils I got.  Petco had all their Christmas items marked down 75% so mom picked grabbed a whole bunch.  She even grabbed toys she would never buy knowing how fast I play operation on them.  After holiday sales are the best options for us toy killers!

Penny, petco, sales, dog, toys

I love after Christmas Sales