Dogbon Dog Bone Review

I thought I would share with you one of my older toys, my Dogbon Rubber Chew Bone.   Most of my older toys only lasted because they were at the bottom of the toy box or they are truely durable.  This toy falls under super durable and super fun!  It is a semi-clear rubber bone, looking at it I would normally say it is nothing special but to me it is.  It’s special to me because it makes fun sounds, well it doesn’t, I do!  Normally when I chew on my Nylabone there is just a standard grinding sound, but when I chew on this I manage to make a squishy squeaky sound sound that sounds like two pieces of wet rubber rubbing together.  If I am not in the mood for Nylabone but want to chew this is my first choice, I will dig to the bottom of my chew toy box just to find it.  What is nice is after all this time I only have teeth marks on it, no chunks missing yet.

Fun Colors
More give than a Nylabone, but has taken more bites
If you drop it on the floor, being rubber it does less damage
Much like a Kong but a little more slippery texture (probably why I can make my funny sounds)

Harder to find, as of now I only see a small one listed on Petsmart’s website and none on Petco. I think I got mine at Petsmart 2 years ago.
A REALLY HARD chewer might kill

Yep, although I haven’t killed mine I could see a bigger mouth that wants to kill it would take off chunk unlike a Nylabone, but if toys like the Kong toys work for you then this should.

Approx $12 from

DogBon Dog Bone

DogBon Dog Bone

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