Last of My Kong Series – Kong Classic, My Favorite!

I saved the best for last, at least my favorite Kong toy. Drum roll…tatatatatatatatatat.. It’s the Kong classic. Why having such a boring toy as my favorite? Because Mom fills them with love.. okay, not love dog treats and PEANUT BUTTER!! These Kong Classics can be used a general chew toys or something to play fetch with but their best use is as a treat filled goodie ball to bribe us pups. Mom stuffs the ball with either treats or just plain dog food but then she plugs the hole with peanut butter and puts them in the freezer overnight. Then when Dad leaves for work in the morning Trey and I each get a Kong ball and head into our crates to eat our sweet treat.

Multi-Uses (Play/Treat)
Multi-Sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL)
Lots of room for treats and peanut butter

Really hard chewers can destroy if left unsupervised (our vet posted an article on it)

YES, but only if you parents are going to fill it with lots of love aka treats and peanut butter!

Approx $20 from

Additional Info:
We find chunky peanut butter works the best and if your peanut butter is runny then keeping cool in the fridge helps thicken it up.

Kong Treat!