New Fluff in the Bed

Mom and Dad restuffed my bed. Trey and I have 3 large doggie beds at home, they are all from Costco and when new they were pretty comfy. The problem is after about a year the stuffing goes flat and it’s just like laying on a blanket on the floor, not bad, but not as good as it was new. Instead of buying another bed Mom and Dad decided to restuff the beds. Originally they wanted to use cedar since it repels fleas but since we don’t have fleas and reading that some dogs have reactions to the smell Mom and Dad decided to use pine shavings then get a small bag of cedar to add. So down to the feed store we went and picked up a bag of pine shaving (used for horse bedding). Next we went to Petco to look for a small bag of cedar, they didn’t have any so we went to Petsmart, they had a place for bags but all out, guess we will have to keep checking back.

After we got back home they opened the bag of shavings and split half the bag between two beds and parked it right next to Mom’s half of the people bed. Well it wasn’t just a few minutes later Mom starts complaining about her eyes watering. Apparently these shavings have an odor probably caused by the sap and drying process. It was strong so the beds had to go outside and Trey and I had to share a bed (supplemented with blankets). The next day Mom poured the shaving into one of our empty used baby pools and put it out in the sun for a 2 days. After some air time the beds are back in their place and boy are they comfy!! Mom complains they are a little loud at night when we move around because of the crunching sounds which took a week to settle down. Next time we might try the paper bedding of course Mom will probably let the price decide that.

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