Spot Dura-Fused Leather Large Buffalo

Mom should have known better on this toy. A couple weeks back Mom got new tires on the Penny Limo so while we were waiting we took a walk over to Happy Tails Barkery in Redding to look for toys. After walking around we finally decided on this leather toy. Dad was there and thought this would be a nice tough toy that should withstand some chewing, after all it is leather. We, sorry Dad you were very wrong, this toy was treated like what it really is.. rawhide that is just not processed like rawhide rolls.

This is what was left after I played for it for less than a hour. The red outline is part of the body that is now somewhere in the yard in a steaming land mine. I don’t think much more needs to be said.

Dura-Fused Buffalo Leather Toy

Double Stitched Leather

Gone in no time
Squeaker was hard to squeak (although once I pulled it out, it squeaked easy)

Approx $10 at Happy Tails Barkery

Nope, not for the serious chewer, maybe if you were a puppy or the type of dog that takes a week to get through a rawhide roll. Honestly a rawhide roll is cheaper, tastes better and lasts longer.

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