Dura Doggie Disc – Review

Introducing my other favorite frisbee/disc toy (the other is Flying Squirrel>/a>). I first was introduced to this gem at the Benton Dog Park, there was someone there that had one (and was trying to sell them). The guy had a dog that was a pro at catching and they were showing off, well one toss was slightly off and I snuck in for the steal. SCORE!! and I ran around proud as can be and double score when the guy started throwing easy just for me. I left the dog park that day with a love for a frisbee/disc that wasn’t my flying squirrel and it was because this one had a hang time in between my flying squirrel and a normal plastic frisbee which was prefect for me. It wasn’t to long after that we spotted another one of these at the Love Your Pet Expo at the Shasta County Fairgrounds so Mom picked it up to put it to the at home test. We already knew I could catch it and it would take my personal abuse but we put it to the test when big brother Trey and I both starting competing for it and it withstood the forces of two dobies playing tug-o-war with it. I had to conclude this disc much like the flying squirrel is a WIN!

Very Durable
Decent hang time

May not have the speed or distance a normal plastic frisbee would (because it is heavier)

Approx $15 at
Dura Doggie

YES! Unless you are entering frisbee competitions this is a great flying disc, it has good hang time and decent distance for being a heavy duty toy. Of course just like all frisbees it is not a toy you can leave a chewer alone with but it will live through a game of dobie tug-o-war.

Dura Doggie Disc

Dura Doggie Disc

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