Photoshop Flames

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finalflame.jpg (27441 bytes)

1. Start with a new layer or new file (choose your own size)

2. Fill layer with black. Quick Tip: For windows press the "D" key on your keyboard to set your default colors to black/white, then press ALT-Backspace this will fill the selected layer with the foreground color (you just set to black)

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flame1.jpg (65997 bytes)

3. Create a new layer on top of the black layer (Ctrl-Shift-N). For this exercise name the layer Fire.

4. Enter the following Blending Options for the Fire layer. To enter blending options, right-click next to the work fire and go to Blending Options. The color codes I used a listed on the screen.

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flame2.jpg (90607 bytes)  flame3.jpg (89171 bytes)

flame4.jpg (93644 bytes)  flame5.jpg (94401 bytes)

5. Change your foreground color to white (the X key will switch fore/back color if you have on default colors), then select a soft brush (the B key will select brush) and draw a line across the screen on the Fire layer.

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flame6.jpg (67156 bytes)

6. Select the Smudge Tool (the R key will get you to the option, but you may have to change from blur/sharpen to smudge. I will set the strength anywhere from 50% - 80% depending on how big I want my flames. Now use the smudge tool to press parts of the line up like to make fire.

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flame7.jpg (77014 bytes)

7. I suggest you save this off as a template so you have the layer style saved for any future flames you need to make, all you will need to do it copy the layer style to your new layer.


If you have any pictures you changed into brushes, you can paint those on your fire layer in white and add flames

Click here to learn how to turn your pictures into brushes


Slighly changing the blending colors and yield other nice flames

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flame8.jpg (68789 bytes)

For blue flames I used these color codes (all other settings the same)

Drop Shadow - #1341d7
Inner Shadow - #48eef8
Outer Glow - #1e23e3
Inner Glow - #11eb16


Try changing your brush color to black or other colors.

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