Frame Cutout

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finalcutout.jpg (130078 bytes)

1. Start by opening the picture you wish to cut out. I prefer to have the subject already to one side of the picture, otherwise when you do the cutout the size my not reflect real picture dimensions.

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cutout1.jpg (139782 bytes)

2. Use the pen tool to highlight and cut out the subject. Be sure to highlight more than you intend to cut out just in case you need to make adjustments. It is even a better idea to cut out the whole subject so you can do changes to the background if you want without effecting the subject.

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cutout2.jpg (144104 bytes)cutout3.jpg (166094 bytes)

3. Create a new layer and fill with the color you want around the cutout. I prefer initially place this layer under the subject but above the background so I can see how the subject will look against that color.

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cutout4.jpg (86982 bytes)

4. Unlock the background layer so it can be moved. To unlock double click on the background layer and the system will prompt you for a name, the default it will name to Layer 0. Then press ok to return to the screen with your background layer unlocked.

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cutout5.jpg (91122 bytes)

5. Move your background layer in between your cutout subject and the layer filled with your frame color.

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cutout6.jpg (140509 bytes)

6. Select the background layer (layer 0). Using the rectangular marquee tool select the area in the background layer you want to come through. Click on the Add Vector Mask button on the bottom of your layers window.

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cutout7.jpg (142211 bytes)cutout8.jpg (126452 bytes)

Now you have your cutout, I prefer to add a border around the cutout by going to the blending options on the background layer (layer 0) and adding a stroke, the size of the stroke will depend on the size of your picture so play with the size and color, just make sure you choose Inside for the position.

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cutout9.jpg (111249 bytes)

You can also add an inside border to the frame color.

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cutout10.jpg (124812 bytes)


Play with the shape, size and position of the mask to add creativity. Also you can always change the frame color at any time.

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cutout11.jpg (136167 bytes)cutout12.jpg (123283 bytes)


Play with the mask even more using letters and come up with something like this!  In this example I cutout the dog's full body.

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